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The Aesthetic Letters

Our next Zoom meeting will be on May 22

recent Meetings

The Stars of the 1790s — May 01, 2021

Brian Gray will join us to give a presentation. We will celebrate Novalis’ birthday on May 2 with an artistic evening of music, poetry, art, and fellowship.

A Secret Word — March 20, 2021

Terry will join our meeting to give a presentation and also share a paper on “The Literary Arts and Humanities as Spiritual Science”.

The Enchanted Garden — March 13, 2021

We will spend the entire evening on the text of The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily. We will listen to selections from a brand-new translation, complete but still in revision.

Sovereigns of the Grail

Sovereigns of the Grail

This is an abridged English-language version of the lecture given in German in Dornach at Pentecost 2023 when Marion and I attended the International Grail...

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Friends and members of the Section for the Literary Arts and Humanities of the School for Spiritual Science in North America have met regularly and continuously in Fair Oaks since 2010.  In March 2020, we opened our meetings to Section friends and members worldwide by use of Zoom. 

Our meetings have a hybrid character—local friends and members attend in-person and distant friends and members use Zoom. Livestreaming is availbable for some events.


On the American River
San Juan Heights
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Our Meetings

For the past twelve years, the local Section for Literary Arts & Humanities group in Fair Oaks has met continuously — and often weekly! Join the conversation!


Do get in touch if you have observations or wish to know more using our Contact Form.