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Next Meeting: October 7; 7-8 pm Pacific. News about the 2024 Section Conferences, followed by a presentation: “Five Poems of Great Importance to Anthroposophy.”

“Friends, the soil is poor. We must scatter abundant seed to ensure even a middling harvest.”  — Novalis

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The Handless Maiden

The Handless Maiden

"The Handless Maiden & the Fruits of the Night" by Marion Donehower Report from the Section Fairytale Group Introduction This Grimm fairytale is a very gripping and intense story. It has unforgettable mysteries and pictures of the journey of a maiden. Just hearing the title “The Handless Maiden” makes you stop and wonder. What happens when you do not have hands? You are totally dependent on others! I believe that the sensitivity of our fingers and our hands have a direct connection to the heart. There is much to contemplate in this story’s symbols and experiences. It is rewarding to...

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Sovereigns of the Grail

Sovereigns of the Grail

This is an abridged English-language version of the lecture given in German in Dornach at Pentecost 2023 when Marion and I...

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Wecome to the TheLiteraryArts.com! This website is a Journal & Newsletter for friends and members of the Section for the Literary Arts and Humanities of the School for Spiritual Science in North America. It is an initiative of the Section friends and members who  have met regularly and continuously since 2010 in Northern California. Click here to read more.

Our meetings have a hybrid character—local friends and members attend in-person and distant friends and members use Zoom. Livestreaming is used for some events.


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For the past thirteen years, the local Section for Literary Arts & Humanities group in Fair Oaks has met continuously — and often weekly! Join the conversation!


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