The Dark Forest: A Fairytale


In Search of Ars Poetica.

Does the work of our Section really matter?

What do we do? Why do we do it?




470. ARS LITTERARIA. The Literary Arts.
Everything that a scholar does, says, speaks, suffers, and hears, etc. must be an artistic, technical, and scientific product, or some such operation. He speaks in epigrams; she acts in a play; he is a dialogist; she lectures on treatises and sciences—he relates anecdotes, stories, fairytales, novels; she perceives poetically. If he draws, he draws sometimes as an artist, sometimes as a musician.


Her life is a novel and that’s why she sees, hears, and reads everything precisely in this manner. In short, the true scholar is the completely developed human being who bestows on whatever they touch and do, a scientific, idealistic, and syncretistic form.


— Novalis, from Das Allgemenine Brouillon (trans. Bruce Donehower)


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Does the work of our Section really matter?”