“Do You Have Any Old Section Newsletters?”

In keeping with one of the many tasks of literary scholars who are called upon to value and preserve important literary texts and to make them available, I am putting out a call to members of the North American Section for Literary Arts & Humanities: “Do you have back issues of the old Section newsletters?”

Very few of these past issues persist as PDFs or in other computer-friendly formats, so it is necessary to find printed copies that may still be in possession of member libraries.

This highly esteemed publication should find an honored place in the archives and annals of the North American Section – not for the sake of preserving it in “knowledge jars” – no, no! but so that living and future friends and members may benefit and find nourishment and inspiration from its contents and spirit. Indeed, other friends yet unknown may find their way to the Section work by reading these past newsletters.

Please use the contact page on the website or please send me an email directly if you can assist.

The Phenomenon of the Library by Joseph Kosuth, 2006