The Blue Iris: A Fantasia


by Bruce Donehower

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Winner of the Bazzanella Literary Award, California State University, Sacramento


Fantasia“A free musical composition, not in strict form; a poem or play or story in which the author’s fancy roves without restriction . . .”

“In a city built on water, where ships from every ocean came and went, Emma lived with her grandfather, Pietro. Their home was a barge moored to the side of an old canal.

“The barge had a name. They called it the Blue Iris. The Blue Iris was small but very cozy, and it was tight as a drum against the rain. Grandfather Pietro painted it every spring, blue and white, and always made certain that its decks were scrubbed, its windows washed, and its brass fittings buffed and polished . . .”

From Chapter One, The Blue Iris


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Cover Artwork: “The Floating World” by Marion Donehower