Keeping Silent / Earth Day, 2023

At our Section meeting on Saturday April 22, 2023 we shared news about events in the Section and the Class. I did not make a recording of this evening. We started off with a verse by Novalis, and then we enjoyed a selection from a poem by Pablo Neruda, “Keeping Quiet.” This is a “found poem” that I came across tacked on a wall of an abandoned building in Point Reyes Station, CA. 

Here’s a summary of our discussion topics.

  •  “The Meeting” at Spring Valley, Pentecost 2023. (“Meeting for the Movement” / “. . . May 24-28 in Spring Valley with those members of the Collegium, the national Society Councils, representatives from the four regions of Class Holders, and the Council of Anthroposophical Organizations who feel the need for . . . re-forming of our movement. Two members of the Goetheanum Leadership will be present to witness and support our process.”) Clifford Venho will attend as representative from our Section Leadership Group. Patricia Dickson from the Visual Arts Section, who regularly attends our ongoing Saturday meetings for the Literary Arts & Humanities, will also be at “The Meeting” at Spring Valley. Clifford will join us at our Section meeting on June 10 to report on “The Meeting” in Spring Valley.


  • The “Quest for the Grail International Conference” at Dornach, Pentecost 2023. I will give a lecture with the title: “Souveräne des Grals: Parzival und Galahad als gegensätzliche Gralshelden.Click this sentence for information. I will report on this Grail Conference at our Section meeting on June 10.


  • The Festival of Initiative in Manitoba, Canada, August 2023. The Section is sponsoring an artistic Creating Together Group with focus on “Romanticizing the World.”  Click this sentence for information.



  • Peter Selg’s article “What is the School for Spiritual Science?” / a foundational document for “The Meeting” at Spring Valley at Pentecost. Click this sentence for information.



  • Plans for Section in-person conferences with Christiane Haid in North America and Europe in 2024 and 2025. More information will be shared regularly at our ongoing meetings or on the website. Click this sentence for information.


Library and Sitting Room at Swedenborgian Church, San Francisco, CA

Nunc licet intellectualiter intrare in arcana fidei.  

“Now it is permitted to enter with understanding into the mysteries of faith.”

— Emmanuel Swedenborg


Verse Used for our Meetings