Owen Barfield

“Sehnsucht” Photo by Bruce Donehower

Here is a summary of the recent Section for Literary Arts & Humanities meeting of the local group in Fair Oaks, CA. This meeting occurred on June 5, 2021 via Zoom.

“At a Glance . . .”

“Owen Barfield: The Soul of a Word”
Fred Dennehy gave a presentation on Owen Barfield at our meeting on June 5.

Fred Dennehy’s presentation is available to view as a 30-minute video; click this sentence to watch a video recording of Fred’s presentation.

The Fairy Tale / “Number 1 New Release in German Literature”!
Last week, right after the publication release of the new translation of The Fairy Tale by Goethe, the Kindle edition rocketed to the rank of #1 New Release in German Literature. O brave new world!

Read The Fairy Tale “The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.”
Click this sentence to preview or purchase the text that Rudolf Steiner called the “archetypal seed” of the anthroposophical movement.

Calling All Poets and Poetry Lovers! RSVP
Our June 12 meeting of the Section for Literary Arts and Humanities will be a salon devoted to original poetry and to the reading of favorite poems. Please contact me if you want to read so that I can arrange the evening. Poets go first.

What is Modernism and Why Should I Care?
Join the conversation! Find out! We will continue our work toward a deepening of our understanding of the Years of Destiny 1923 / 1924 with a brief look at one of the representative works of High Modernism, Ulysses (1922). This meeting topic is scheduled for June 19. One might argue that modernism, as a mood of soul, began around 1900, the year that Rudolf Steiner referred to as the dawn of the Age of Light — and certainly a critical year in his own biography, as one might observe.

Summer “Fairy Tale Circle”
Marion’s fairy tale circle got off to a magical beginning on June 7 with cakes and hot beverages. The group meets outside on the post and beam porch overlooking a hidden garden to read and discuss fairy tales from a variety of traditions. I don’t think there is room for more participants, but contact Marion if you have questions. The group intends to meet every two weeks this summer. I’ll update you on the progress now and then, maybe.

St. John’s Festival
Our last meeting before Summer Break will be a St. John’s Festival. We will celebrate the day with the premiere of a new literary work and music and merriment — and perhaps a bonfire — although not of the vanities. Watch this space for more details.

“Tell me more . . .”

Nope. That’s all folks!

Click this sentence to watch the video of Fred Dennehy’s enlightening 30-minute presentation on “Owen Barfield: The Soul of a Word.”

Or click one of these links for:

“Goethe in Paradise.” Essay that discusses the crucial importance for anthroposophy of the friendship between Goethe and Schiller.

“Hearing Rilke.” Essay from the new magazine Stil: Goetheanismus in Kunst und Wissenschaft.

The Years Ahead. Meeting summary that contains an overview of what might lie ahead for us with local Section work 2021 – 2024.

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MIRANDA: O, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in’t!

PROSPERO: ‘Tis new to thee.
— Shakespeare, The Tempest


“Many signs assemble. They give me hope. But alas! Is it not merely one of human nature’s crass, self-serving lies that we put faith in better times when times of greatest misfortune have beset us?


“These many signs! No help to me have given.
My friend’s black hand! The bird that’s gone to heaven.
The stony pooch! None like him I see!
Did not the lamp direct him here to me?

“Far from human friendship, joy and pleasure
Am I alone, in sad and doleful leisure.
On river, shall the temple never stand?
O why is bridge and time not yet at hand!”
— Goethe, The Fairy Tale