Novalis & Healing Art of Fairy Tale: A Video Lecture


This 20-minute lecture video is from a Section meeting held in Fair Oaks on November 20, 2020. At the bottom of this post is the fairy discussed: Hyacinth and Rosebud by Novalis.


Novalis thought very highly of fairy tales. Much of what Novalis says about the spiritual importance of fairy tales is echoed by Rudolf Steiner one hundred years or more after Novalis died. This is entirely in keeping with the extreme importance that Rudolf Steiner gave to Novalis — for example in the Last Address.

One of the most arresting statements made by Rudolf Steiner about the fairy tale is that “fairy tales can help counter illnesses.” We find this statement in the book The World of Fairy Tales, which is featured in the Books section of our local group’s website.

The Fairy Tale Hyacinth and Rosebud from The Apprentices of Sais by Novalis

The fairy is narrated by Margit Ilgen and Marion Donehower, with original music by Bruce Donehower. (July 2020)


German Version