Poetry Reading by Nicholas Morrow

Cover Artwork: “The Watershed Angel” by Ami Spangler


Section poet Nicholas Morrow read from his newly published collection of poems, The Mirror and the Muse, at our Section meeting on April 16, 2024. 


THE MIRROR AND THE MUSE is a collection of 130 poems written between September, 2022 and May, 2023. They are presented in chronological order, similar to a journal, with a date at the end of each poem and, for some, a comment and reference.

Nicholas speaks of the influence the season and nature have on the content and mood of a poem. “I wake early and listen for the poem that wants to come. It is as if a voice is in the wind or mist, in birdsong and rustling leaves, or a feeling in the air. This voice is in me and as I listen and contemplate, poetry often comes to speak and inspire a thought or feeling that becomes a poem. Often the imaginations seem to come from a dream realm, transforming experiences, conversations, events in life and the world into poetry. I laughingly speak of this as the ‘news,’ personal, global, or even cosmic, and always poignant and insightful.”

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Sequence of Poems

Welcome and Introduction Spoken by the Book “The Mirror and the Muse”


The Title Poem: “The Mirror and the Muse”




“Creating Spring”


Fire and Renewal Poems


“The Final Burning”


“Two Acorns on a Stem”


“The Tiger and the Lamb”


A Poem about Childhood


“Romantic Activism”


“Without Beauty, Good Cannot Be”


“It seems often when I speak with someone, when I used to teach, or after a zoom, that words or thoughts come, and I know it is not from me but somehow from the field (the angel or consciousness field) that we generated. I believe much of the poetry comes from there. It is not mine. It is my gift to serve it, or like love, healing the past, a gift in return for a gift. We play in that way.”

— Nicholas Morrow