“Reset or Renaissance” by Daniel Polikoff

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Reset or Renaissance
Life, Liberty, and the Quest for Enlightenment in a Post-Covid World

Reset or Renaissance offers a real-time chronicle of events unfolding during the heated core of the Covid pandemic: the latter half of 2021, shortly after the rollout of the Covid vaccines. The book is no dull factual affair, but an impassioned critical engagement, distinctly literary in style, that offers a broader and deeper understanding of the scientific, sociopolitical, and spiritual dimensions of the Covid moment.

Combining documentary poetics with rigorous analysis of the flood of Covid misinformation, this volume records one American citizen’s concerted attempt to make intellectual and moral sense of a tumultuous time that shook the foundations of the world.

The historic drama surrounding Covid continues to unfold. Daniel Polikoff aims to translate knowledge of the recent past into a vision of the future guided by truth rather than illusion, perspicacity rather than prejudice, and conscience rather than calumny.


Available from SteinerBooks


Sanctuary of Swedenborgian Church, San Francisco. Author Daniel Polikoff will lecture here on “Emerson and Anthroposophy” at the September 2024 North American Section Conference.


About the Author

Daniel Joseph Polikoff, PhD, is a poet, translator, and independent scholar. He received his PhD in Comparative Literature from Cornell University and his Diploma in Waldorf Education from Rudolf Steiner College. In addition to work in numerous literary journals and anthologies, he has published two collections of poetry (Dragon Ship and The Hands of Stars) as well as Parzival/Gawain: Two Plays, his edited translation of a dramatic version of the Grail legend. Dr. Polikoff has taught literature in Waldorf schools and shared his passion for Rilke in a wide variety of venues, including the Festival of Archetypal Psychology at Notre Dame (where the idea was born for his book In the Image of Orpheus); the San Francisco Jung Society; and seminars in literary circles. He has also taught at Sonoma State University, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), and Pacifica Graduate Institute. Daniel is a featured speaker at the 2024 North American Section Conference.