Section Meeting Schedule: Winter / Spring 2023

Dear Friends:

Here is the Winter/Spring Meeting Schedule for the Section for the Literary Arts & Humanities of the School for Spiritual Science in North America. These are Zoom and hybrid meetings. Meetings will occur 7-8 pm Pacific.

This schedule may be revised without notice. Keep your eye on the buzzing bee.


Schedule of Events / Meetings in Fair Oaks


4: Greetings & Discussion: “What’s Happening in the Section for the Literary Arts & Humanities, aka the Section for the Beautiful Sciences?”

11: Valentine’s Day Poetry Night. Peter Rennick will read some of his “Valentine” poems, followed by a conversation with the poet and sharing of poetry by other Section poets. Bring a love poem!

18: No Meeting. Carnival has been CANCELLED!

25: Philip Thatcher will give a presentation on Samuel Hearne. Philip will read poems that he has written that are inspired by Samuel Hearne. Samuel Hearne lived in the 18th century. He was a famous walker, adventurer, and explorer. He inspired Samuel Coleridge when Coleridge wrote his Rime of the Ancient Mariner.



4: New Moon Salon. Hybrid Meeting. RSVP

11:  “The Genius of the English Language, Part Two.” Presentation by Clifford Venho. Cliff will continue the presentation he gave on October 22, 2022. He will extend the discussion to the modern era.

15: Section presentation to the Faust Branch. (Note: this is a Wednesday. The event is sponsored by the Faust Branch.) Special Topic: “Spiritual Friendship: The Path to the Grail”

18: No Meeting

25: No Meeting



1: No Meeting

8: No Meeting

15: No Meeting

22: Special Topic or Discussion.

29: Presentation by Arie van Amerigen (Canada).



6: Dialogue on Buddhism and Buddhism’s Relationship to Anthroposophy. Robert McDermott and Bruce Donehower.  Happy Birthday, Novalis! (May 2, 1772)

13: Presentation by Mark McGivern (Canada). Mark will discuss his recently published book Tolkien’s Hidden Pictures: Anthroposophy and the Enchantment in Middle-earth. (SteinerBooks, 2022)

20: No Meeting

27: No Meeting  (Parzival Conference in Dornach, Switzerland.)



3: No Meeting

10: No Meeting (“King Lear” Presentation by Fred Dennehy and Bruce Donehower has been moved to the autumn schedule)

17: Poetry Night. Last meeting of Winter / Spring. Regular meetings resume at Michaelmas.


Dornach, Switzerland