Parzival’s Quest


A video made to celebrate the May 2023 Grail Conference at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. The video includes photos of the Arlesheim grottoes  and poems by Section Poets and poet-friends of the Section. The poems were taken to the Grail Conference expressly for this video. 


Top Photo: “Parzival” by Bruce Donehower
Artwork in video: “Grail” by Marion Donehower


All Poets are actively participating friends or members of the Section.

00:00 BWV 998 “Prelude”
03:08 Poetry Reading
03:11 Dan Davis “Grief Dog”
05:16 Gayle Davis “Grail Aphorism”
05:51 Nicholas Morrow “The Final Burning”
08:53 Peter Rennick “Holy Saturday Valentine”
10:00 Philip Thatcher “Reading the First Letter of John in a Time of Covid-19”
12:50 Susan Koppersmith “Wave”
14:02 Percy MacKaye “To the Goetheanum”
15:41 Novalis “Song 1” from “Songs of the Spirit” (trans. Bruce Donehower)
20:58 Credits & Closing


“Parizval’ Quest” is a contribution to the “Poets in Landscapes” initiative of the Section.

For more information about the “Poets in Landscapes” initiative, view this performance video made on our 2021 ritual Circumambulation of Mt. Tamalpais during the season of All Souls and Day of the Dead.



Photo: “Marin’s Magic Mountain” by Bruce Donehower


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Photo: “Site of the Poetry Reading” by Bruce Donehower