Poetry Night / June 22, 2024

“Poetry Nite” Artwork by Marion Donehower


June 22, 2024

Dear Friends,

Several times each year, the Section has a Poetry Night in which friends and members of the Section read original poetry and in which poetry lovers in the Section read favorite poems, if there is time. Original poetry has the spotlight and priority. We’re lucky that we have several poets who participate regularly in the Section meetings.

Poetry Nights occur on Zoom. Some of our poets reside in places far from Northern California.

The Section also sponsors New Moon Salons. These are evening of poetry, music, conversation, storytelling, jokes and snacks in the style of early romanticism. Since so many friends and members live at a distance, we switched to hybrid meetings for these salons.

Here are readings of the original poems performed by the Section poets who agreed to share their recorded meeting readings online.

All original poems and artwork are ©2024 by the signed poet or artist.


Peter John Rennick

“3 Valentine Poems”



Dan Davis

“2 Poems”



Philip Thatcher

“1 Poem”



Roger Rindge

“3 Poems”



Una Kobrin

“2 Poems”



Andrew May

“4 Poems”



Pat Brown

“1 Poem by Kay Lindsey”



Nicholas Morrow

“Introduction to His New Book or Poetry”



Jeffrey Levey

“1 Poem”



George Reitnour

“1 Poem”