“The Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner” / Presentation by Clifford Venho; SteinerBooks

Clifford Venho, an editor at SteinerBooks, gave an overview of The Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner project. Clifford spoke at a meeting of the Section for the Literary Arts and Humanities that occurred on May 14, 2022.

We dedicated this meeting to the memory of Christopher Bamford, former editor at SteinerBooks.



Clifford spoke in greater detail about a volume new to the Collected Works series, Becoming Fully Human. This is a collection of public lectures by Rudolf Steiner. The lectures were previously unavailable in English. This volume appears with an Introduction by Clifford.

In addition to his full-time work as editor, Clifford is also a eurythmist, poet, author, and translator. Along with Dorit Winter, Clifford translated and edited a recent volume in the Collected Works series called Art and Theory of Art. This volume is currently under discussion at our Section meetings during this spring semester.


New from SteinerBooks. Translated by Clifford Venho and Dorit Winter.