“Hyacinth & Rosebud” by Novalis

“Hyacinth and Rosebud” / Artwork by Marion Donehower (Visual Arts Section)


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What is anthroposophy then? It is a marker on a path traveled by those who strive for inner development. This striving can happen as a matter of choice and human freedom, or it can arise as an inner need of soul. Such a soul prompting might arise, for example, in response to questions like: “what is the meaning of life?” or “what happens when I die?” There are many such questions. Fairytales, too, are path markers for those who travel, question, and strive. And in fact, this path of striving is the one traveled by the heroines and heroes in the fairytale.

— Almut Bockemühl, from Märchen and Rosenkreuzer, Verlag am Goetheanum

This fresh translation of “Hyacinth & Rosebud” for the 21st century is the script that Section artists used in their performance video in summer 2020. Speech: Margit Ilgen & Marion Donehower. Artwork: Marion Donehower