“Atlantis” by Novalis

Artwork by Marion Donehower / “Atlantis”

A Fresh Translation for the 21st Century!

On May 21, 2022, friends and members of the Section for the Literary Arts and Humanities of the School for Spiritual Science in North America continued their Celebration of the 250th Birthday of Novalis (born May 2, 1772) with an ensemble reading of the fairytale “Atlantis” from the novel Heinrich von Ofterdingen, freshly translated for the 21st century. This is the first performance event in what looks to become a series of on-going hybrid meetings and salons that occur in-person and on Zoom!

Ensemble members were Patricia Dickson, Margit Ilgen, Marion Donehower, Bruce Donehower. A performance video by the Section artists in the ensemble is under consideration for this summer.

The ensemble read an abridgment of the fairytale. The entire unabridged narration is below.  If you only want to hear two poems from “Atlantis,” check out the recent Poetry Night celebration for Novalis that features original poems and poem translations by Section poets.

Complete Narration of “Atlantis” (46 min. unabridged)


Translation copyright 2022 by Bruce Donehower

Pop quiz for extra credit: why did Novalis mention Atlantis?