Essays in Celebration of Novalis’ 250th Birthday / by Bruce Donehower, Ph.D.


2022 is the 250th Anniversary Year of the Birth of



This spring, in celebration of the event, two essays appeared in German in publications sponsored by the Goetheanum.

These essays arise directly from the regular ongoing meetings of the Section for the Literary Arts & Humanities of the School for Spiritual Science in North America.

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Click Here to Read Essay One: “Novalis & the Healing Art of Fairytale” (German Text);  Published in Das Goetheanum, April, 2022


Click Here to Read Essay Two, “What is Magical Idealism?” (German Text); Published in Stil, Goetheanism in Art & Science, Summer 2022


Readers of English can find the same essay contents (supplemented with additional materials) presented as lecture videos at these locations:


Click Here to View in English: “Novalis & the Healing Art of Fairy Tale”


Click Here to View in English: “Novalis, Magical Idealism, & Rudolf Steiner’s Last Address”

(A five-part video lecture series)


Heroic Bust of “Novalis” (Friedr. v. Hardenberg)