“Hyazinth & Rosenblütchen” von Novalis / German Language Performance Video

As reported earlier, the local Section group in Fair Oaks has spawned a sub-group devoted to working with fairy tales in the spirit of Novalis. This initiative arose directly from the local weekly Section work with Novalis on Zoom for the past six months. The sub-group (currently consisting of Marion, Margit, and me) recently did performance videos including this one featured here: Hyacinth & Rosebud. Margit, Marion and I started our work with the tale Hyacinth & Rosebud which is found in The Apprentices of Sais. It gives us great pleasure to share this work with you (German version).

Hyazinth und Rosenblütchen – Ein Märchen von Novalis

The English version of the video is over here.


The local Section group in Fair Oaks has inspired a sub-group of artists dedicated to the study and performance of Fairy Tales (Märchen), Myths, Legends. This sub-group works in the spirit of Novalis and Ludwig Tieck. This group also produces performance videos and recordings of poetry and drama.