Introduction to Novalis

  A Brief Introduction (20 min) Toward the Festival of Initiative Manitoba, Canada / August 2023    

“Atlantis” by Novalis

Artwork by Marion Donehower / "Atlantis"   A Fresh Translation for the 21st Century!     On May 21, 2022, friends and members of the Section for the Literary Arts and Humanities of the School for Spiritual Science in North America continued their...

Happy Birthday, Novalis! / 2022

2022 / 250th Birthday Year    Novalis   (Friedrich von Hardenberg; born May 2, 1772)   In celebration, we offer a 2022 birthday page with content arising directly from the ongoing regular meetings of the Section for the Literary Arts & Humanities of...

“Geistliche Lieder” by Novalis

Performance Video by Section Artists   Posted in 2021 commemoration of the 249th Birthday of Novalis