“Spring has returned!” / Sonnets to Orpheus

“Wildly Dancing Children” by Emil Nolde


“Frühling ist wiedergekommen”
“Spring has returned!”
Sonnets to Orpheus / Part 1, Sonnet 21 / by Rainer Maria Rilke




English Translation by Bruce Donehower.

“Spring has returned! The earth is like a child who knows some poetry; quite a bit, actually. Lots . . . Complainers, rejoice. You can have your toys. “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” Those silver hairs in the old man’s beard – LoL, priceless! Now, if the test throws up the question: Green or Blue? She can do it! She knows! O lucky earth, free at last! Have fun with the kids. We’ll smooch you up, you silly earth. The silliest wins. O what the Teacher doth teacheth! – the many, in tiny tedious roots and corpuscular stems: she sings! She sings!”

Frühling ist wiedergekommen. Die Erde
ist wie ein Kind, das Gedichte weiss;
viele, o viele . . . Für die Beschwerde
langen Lernens bekommt sie den Preis.

Streng war ihr Lehrer. Wir mochten das Weisse
an dem Barte des alten Manns.
Nun, wie das Grüne, das Blaue heisse,
dürfen wir fragen: sie kanns, sie kanns!

Erde, die frei hat, du glückliche, spiele
nun mit den Kindern. Wir wollen dich fangen,
fröhliche Erde. Dem Frohsten gelingts.

O, was der Lehrer sie lehrte, das Viele,
und was gedruckt steht in Wurzeln und langen
schwierigen Stämmen: sie singts, sie singts!


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In addition to literary studies, the local Section in Fair Oaks puts a great deal of emphasis on imagination and creativity. These performance videos arise directly from our local Section work. Some of these works were premiered at Section-inspired New Moon Salons. These New Moon Salons, which feature literature and music, will resume when it is safe for us to meet in person. The local Section group in Fair Oaks has inspired a sub-group of artists dedicated to the study and performance of Fairy Tales (Märchen), Myths, Legends. Members of this artistic group also produce performance videos and recordings of poetry and drama.